Sayville presented a bit more problem than the Patchogue River job.  The water table is very high and the existing footings aren't suitable for building on.  Additionally when the house was built, perhaps eighty years ago, the water tble was much lower so when we tryed to remove the existing footings it was just too disruptive and dangerous next to the cribbing holding up the house so we treated the footings and the first course of block embedded in them as virgin soil, removed everything above them, added gravel to the depth of the footings, and poured spread-footings three feet wide over them reinforced with #5 rebar, three rows horizontally and every two feet vertically.


Then Twenty-two yards of concrete later:

And some block-work:

and a bit more...

So, the foundation has been finished and the floor has been rebuilt, and the house lowered back down.

Then to
Blue Point

More later, this site is under construction.

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