Island Block Works

Island Blockworks

Island Blockworks

Specializing in foundations under difficult circumstances.

We have over thirty years experience dealing with all types of masonry construction, including, but not limited to concrete-block construction.  Due to hurricane Sandy we are finding there is a need along Long Island's south shore to raise existing houses over FEMA specified flood heights.  While a seemingly daunting endeavor, it is an investment which can pay for itself in surprisingly little time, if just for the savings in flood insurance alone.

Two such endeavors:

Patchogue                                                               Sayville

up on cribbing  Up on cribbing

Blue Point and again


and we do

other things

More later, this site is under construction.

Email us at if you have any questions or need some advice on this process.

We're located in Patchogue, L.I. and foresee much along these lines along the south shore bays , from Mastic and points east through Lindenhurst and points west.

We look forward to sharing our expertise, email us at