Blue Point

While some of this foundation is in acceptable condition, much is damaged by water and plantings, but this type of construction was typical in this area for 1863; A row-lock, perhaps more properly termed a header course, laid in a bed of mortar, sometimes not, as appears here, and a single thickness of stretcher courses, cellars with curved/arched walls, bricks laid in a single thickness on edge, they bend better that way, strengthened by the fill exerting pressure on them.  We'll post those pictures in a couple of days.  We like this house and intend on restoring the foundation using the original bricks as much as possible on the visible parts.

More on all that soon... meanwhile keeping our eyes open for old coins.

Those round cellar walls we spoke of:


Some reconstruction:


and some bottles, lids and such...

some post and beam framing...

and a pile of 150 year old bricks to be used again...


There were floor height differences between old and newer so somewhere we changed the height and turned the last course of brick on edge

rather than the flat and met the two at the beginning, but it's all good.

More later, this site is under construction.

Email us at if you have any questions or need some advice on this process.